What happened to OpenPaaS version 1.3 ?

What happened to OpenPaaS 1.3 ?

Welcome to the wonderful world of software. This is a world full of engineers, automatic tasks, optimizations, and surprises !

Releasing a new version of the OpenPaaS platform is a complex task. It involves synchonizing dozens of repositories, pushing more than ten modules on npm, building a java application, docker containers, Debian and CentOS packages… And at any point on this process, something can go wrong.

That’s why we decided at the end of the year to give some love to our Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery platforms. We wanted to have everything working without a single user interaction, a process that is often referred to as “one click release”. Guess what ? We’ve done it. Guess what too ? We accidentally released a 1.3.x version of an OpenPaaS module while working on it. And as you know, software versions are immutable, otherwise it’s useless. That’s why the 1.3 release never existed for real. We used it internally to update our live-running instance, and it has been a really stable release, for a release that never existed.