OpenPaaS Suite

Keep it simple, be efficient and more productive

All the tools you need to design and edit your documents. Reach everyone, anytime, anywhere on any devices. Live the ultimate teamwork experience.


  • Create and edit your reports and summaries.
  • Gather and analyze your data in one place.
  • Showcase your projects using a simple and practical tool.


  • Use the Unified Inbox to bring together your social media accounts; get notified and visualize your content in one place.
  • Have all your professional, social and private contacts stored in one location. Reach everyone via several communications channels and call them directly.


  • Plan your collaborative activities in an efficient manner, for instance by delegating calendar management.
  • Organize projects around dedicated working groups, known as communities. Use collaborative tools to make surveys and organize community events.
  • Share information among devices and keep them in sync.

Go beyond

  • Extend the platform with new modules.
  • Use LinShare in OpenPaaS. LinShare is a file-sharing application intended to cover your business needs.

OpenPaaS Core

All you need in a modern and modular platform

Built on solid grounds, modular and extendable by design. OpenPaaS is based on a rock-solid heart and you can build and plug your own solution on top of it


Bare-metal or in a virtual machine, on premises or using a public cloud. The choice is yours.

Privacy & Security

OpenPaaS is an open and auditable platform. You control the data and you control the server.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms help the platform better predicts what a user will do over time.

Big Data

Store a wide variety of data using state-of-the-art databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra.


Elasticsearch shipped with the platform. Use it to better search and find data, wherever it is.

Open API

OpenPaas is based on open standards: its API allow every developer to interact with it.

Under the hood

OpenPaaS is powered by a handful of ground-breaking technologies.

Release notes


Here you will find release notes for each and every OpenPaaS version.


Collaborative Messenging

  • Events advanced search
  • SuperTrash
  • Email total deletion
  • Multiple Email Accounts, Functionnal Mailboxes
  • End2End encrypted emails

Core and Platform

  • Powerfull and fast search engine
  • Dashboard
  • Define a new Permission System (Profiles/Groups)
  • Notification Center


  • Documents Versioning
  • Real time office file edition
  • Plug into platform exchange bus, sends message for all things happening
  • “Drive” application


  • Videoconferencing
  • Teamisy – Rework of our Social (chat, communities) Offerings