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OpenPaaS is an open, modern and business-oriented collaboration platform. Gorgeous on any devices, it ships with incredibly useful web applications, including a mail, a calendar and a contact app.As a platform, OpenPaaS is designed to allow you to quickly deploy new applications. Study it, modify it, and install it yourself! It is free and forever will be.


Our vision

What we stand for

Privacy by Design
Open by Design
Ethical by Design

The OpenPaaS ecosystem

OpenPaaS is more than just a handful of applications, it is a plaform, and as such, is meant to be postitionned at the heart of any information systems.

Leverage the power of this ecosystem to reach out new heights: integrate it with legacy software, or create and deploy your own solution right inside of it.

Community matters

Open Source loves and thrives for the community. OpenPaaS is made by the community. It relies on open standards and is built using popular free software

You too can contribute, and be part of this adventure! Let’s join us to build something amazing!


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